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This leading web-based course trains your employees how to work together to plan, manage and control all risks related to the influenza virus  H1N1 - Influenza A.

The course will empower your employees through clear straight forward communications on how to work as a team. By minimizing the risks, everyone stays working longer.


 *Research shows >>



of employees could be ill or quarantined


could stay home from fear!


This course focuses on reducing the amount of fear-based
absenteeism by engaging your employees in a constructive
learning process designed to make them feel safer in their
working environment.


The 2009 Employees Pandemic Preparedness Course transfers knowledge with a step by step process.  Working in small teams, they are swiftly and simultaneously trained in a process that results in a company-wide pandemic hygiene programme being planned, constructed and put into place and everyone trained at the same time.  As each company section works through the course, they are progressively building the stages of their own their own unique workplace hygiene plan.  


It provides knowledge with the tools and schedules, guidelines, posters and charts to make it work. 
These are ready to be customized by your employee teams with their specific hygiene regimes.

Once this company-wide barrier to infection is in place, it will substantially minimize the spread of the virus. 

It is this barrier that will go a long way to giving your employees the
confidence to continue to come to your workplace. 


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