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New Zealand - Australia


Siemens Energy Services are a total service solution provider.

Siemens Energy Services provides field services and technical support
for gas and electricity networks.  As such, t
hey provide first and second response crews for electricity and gas related network outages. 

The teams c
omprise 400 people spread across 11 locations.

This is

  • a 7-day, 24-hour operation and is
  • supported by Siemens national dispatch system. 
  • Utilising the latest technology Siemens gain real-time reporting.

A GPS (global positioning system) is used to track all field crews, which means that the
closest resource with the correct capabilities is sent to the outage.

From time to time, a mishap will happen and the certified technician involved in the incident needs to be retrained and re-certified in accordance with the operational standards of the industry.  Normally, the technician involved is stood down from duties until they attend a face to face training session where they demonstrate knowledge they know now.  This all takes time , and increases the costs.

Siemens turn to Aegility eLearning to ensure competence measurement for
their mobile and field technicians.

We produce a tracked and measured audit trail in real time which Siemens
use to provide audit reports to their clients. Fast re-certification process enables
resources to spend less down time.

With our courses available through mobile devices, downtime is at a minimum.
Course results are sent to Siemens management systems.

This addresses one of their key business objectives to lower the
cost of field technician re-assessment by reducing the downtime.

This service was then picked up by Siemens Australia to train their service people too.


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