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Case Study:
NZ Transport Agency - Government (formerly Transit NZ)
Training civil engineers and consultants - blended learning programme

  Business Challenge: NZ Transport Agency were introducing a new financial approach to the way funding was applied for and distributed for transit projects.

Roading  Engineers and Planning consultants nationwide needed to be trained on what the impacts were and how this affected the funding processes going forward.

It was imperative that NZ Transport Agency gained:

  1.  clear evidence that the new procedures were fully understood
  2. The training could be developed and implemented asap.


As this was extremely detailed work, the highly experienced trainer chose to structure a blended learning approach for this project.

At certain centers around the country, he held the training seminars in a computer lab. 
The attendees, most of them senior, went on line to learn of the changes.  The trainer now became a learning facilitator, assisting those who needed one on one support.  In fact individual support increased significantly with no disruption to others learning at varying paces.

Aegility's track, measure and assessment processes enabled him to clearly see who had understand what the next steps were and those that needed remedial intervention to bring them up to speed.

This was mainly achieved, one on one, in the room or after the seminar by telephone.
During this session each learner has the course up on the screen in front of them.   Highly successful way of training adults.

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