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it's so easy...

It's so easy...to create your own eLearning courses

This eLearning tool enables HR, Tutors,Coaches & Managers to:

a) create and publish workplace training/learning onto the web

b) track and view real-time progress of all learners on any assigned course or courses

c) send all data to any type of HR or Corporate  business system

 Key Support Tools >

      • Web-based eLearning platform
      • Real time content development
      • Award winning delivery
      • Track, measure  & audit
      • 2013 GuideTools Dashboard  - Real time view >student progress 24/7
      • Audit processes

2013 GuideTools Tutor Dashboard

The GuideTools Dashboard enables HR, Tutors and Coaches to see
real-time progress of all learners and groups in their downline.

  1. Tutors/coaches can assess the learner quickly - assisting their ability to

  • guide,
  • encourage
  • coach

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