What makes Aegility Performance Based eLearning so different?   


 1. Our focus on the learner.

 In these fast changing marketings today, your employees need to be
at the top of their game to gain competitive advantage for your business. 

It's not about the technology (although Aegility is the best) it is about the learner. 
How they connect and interact with the learning.  It is about the outcomes for the
learner and the achievements of their learning objectives.

Our highly experienced elearning development teams focus learner engagement
delivers (on average)over 85% achievement rates. 


    2. Our Team

Led by our experienced management team who come from rich and diverse backgrounds, we all have a common view that business learning should be on demand in order to maximise the performance potential of your people.  

The change in education is moving from push to pull (choice of media) and must be multi-channelled to reach the target learners.  Aegility works on the leading edge of communication technology and brings accountability to elearning.

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